Innovative Solutions for Higher Productivity in Corrugated Carton Industry

Meet your Technical Guide

Abhinandan Tavhare is Diploma in printing technology with more than 8 years of experience in printing and packaging.

He recommends Equipments to ensure the most effective manufacturing process for you.
Helps you choose Specific Components to enhance productivity of your machine and processes.
Offer you a One Stop Shop for your Consumables with Just In time Delivery to support you.



Baling and Stitching machines for Corrugated Carton Industry

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Godswill has more than fifty (50) Stitching Machines & 15+ Baling Machine installations in the Middle East.

Abhinandan understand your requirements about capacity, sizes specification to suggest right product which will enhance productivity.

He can also suggest appropriate accessories which will add lot of Flexibility & Added Value for your Baling & Stitching processes.

AV Flexologic

Mounting Machines for Corrugated Carton Industry

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A V Flexologic is one of the most reputed and the most awarded supplier for Plate Mounting Machines.

They got FTA award for their fully automatic FAAM mounting machine in 2015. Flexologic/ Printech has 80% market share for corrugated industry in the region.

Almost all top Converters in this region have Optimount 3000 Semi Automatic Rotory Mounting Machine.

We have a locally trained Engineer for supporting you, our customer.


Stretch / Pre-Stretch Wrapping machines for Pallets

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Robopac is the world leader in wrapping technology with stretch film, with over 7,000 machine/year, 70% of which exported.

Printech supplies and maintains Pallet wrapping machines with Rotating platform, robots and rotating arm to stabilize palletized loads with stretch film.

For Robopac Machines, Printech offers you Technical Services like:

Machine installation,
Operator training,
spare parts delivery and installation
Annual Maintenance Contracts



Corrugating Rolls

DASONG is a well-known corrugating roll brand for 25 years and it has become the leading corrugated roll supplier around the world.


Some of their innovative products are:


  • The Periphery Heating Roll
  • Easy to upgrade any kind of Single Facers.
  • Heats up in 5 minutes at flute changes
  • 25% longer lifetime than siphon-pipe rolls
  • 10% energy saving on single facers
  • Always hot no condensate


  • Perfect Micro Flute Tungsten Rolls
  • To break the prejudice that simple coating only for micro flute
  • 300 sets of E flute tungsten coating yearly
  • Stable cardboard quality for F & G & N & O flute
  • Longer lifetime and lower wastage

MaxDura International

Rotary Die cut anvil cover / Feeder wheel / No Crush Wheel

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Established in 1979, MaxDura International Co., Ltd. has been a dominant player in PU products for the Corrugated Carton Industry. In 2015 MaxDura invested in their own PU manufacturing facility to ensure top quality and consistent and products.

The main products including: rotary die cutting blanket, creaser wheel, feeder wheel, no-crush wheel and slotting anvil cover.

Mylar film/Plastic Strip/Cushion Sheet

 Plate Mounting Clear Film, Plastic Strip for hanging and fixing, Cushion Sheets

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Mylar Available in any width from 800mm to 2000mm in Standard Lengths of 150 Meter or 300 Meter .

Special length or width can be supplied as per customer requirement. It is available Ex-Stock in our store.

MYLAR holding Strips are available in all variants.
Lead Edge with Round Hook
Lead Edge with Square Hook
Trailing Edge with Flat Strip (Gray)
CUSHION SHEET for MYLAR Sheet base. Available in different thickness.


Doctor Blades

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Swedev manufactures a very wide range of Doctor Blades for various applications. These top quality Doctor Blades have different finishes, different materials and also different edges.

They offer three kinds of edges: the Lamella edge, the Radius edge and the Bevel edge.

The different blade materials used are Stainless Steel, High Carbon Steel, Coated Steel, Plastic, etc.


Splicing and Mounting Tape

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Nitto has a special product 5033X Non Woven DC Adhesive Tape; 50MM x 50M splicing tape which guarantee 100% auto Splicing at higher speeds.  More than 200M / min for 2.5M wide Corrugations like BHS, Fosber, Mitsubishi & ISOWA.

Nitto also provides a wide range of tape products that can be used in various applications like:

Splicing for Corrugation Carton,
Tape for Cardboard Packaging,
Temporary Adhesion Tape that doesn’t leave any glue residue when removed and
Security Tape that makes it possible to know when the tape was “tampered” with.


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DUPONT KRYTOX (High Temp Grease)

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Krytox™ GPL 226 Grease Krytox™ GPL 226 grease contains an “Anti-Corrosion/Anti-wear Inhibitor” and is Ideal for Corrosive Environments.

The fully fluorinated Krytox™ high-temperature stability provides bottom-line savings from Improved Reliability, and a Reduction in Grease Usage.

Typical applications are automotive bearings, sealed pump bearings, electric motor bearings, and general-purpose bearings.

Krytox™ oils and greases are silicone free.

Slotting Blades / Slitting Blades / Thin Slitter Blade / Grinding Wheel

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Printech has a Partner who is manufacturer of high precisions, cutting tools and machine knives for the corrugated board industry.

The Main Technical Advantages with Our Services are;

– Technical improvements

– High quality alloy tool steels

– Modern heat treatment

– Recent CNC milling and grinding machines

– On-site technical support

– Highly efficient after-sales service.


BioJet InPress & BioJet Cabinet Machine

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BioJet InPress system cleans your anilox rolls inside the machine.


Available with enclosed cabinet for dust free operations from small size for labels to much bigger size for wide web Flexible Packaging.



  • Prevent long build-out and build-in time.
  • Biojet cabinet machine cleans your anilox rolls automatic, efficient & dustfree!
  • Anilox rolls deep cleaning without damaging the rolls.