Where can I find a Label Finishing machine that grows with my needs?


    Our customer (name withheld) was looking to start up a new project with a limited budget like most start ups. Upon market survey, he found that customers need the final product finished in various forms eg. Roll form, Sheet form, Stack form and some customers want blank labels too.

    He also found that to be able to serve them he would need to invest in different machines and choose what customer needs he would like to serve and buy the machine accordingly.

    He came to us and discussed the constraints he faced in choosing what new machines to invest in one by one according to what end products he would like to serve customers with. He was hesitating due to the high investment overall in terms of time and money as well as planning required for each investment to add New products to his portfolio.


    Normally, several separate finishing machines are required to cater to different customer requirements for label finishing e.g. Roll form, Sheet form, Stack form. This increases customer investment, time taken for each separate machine installation, time taken in material movement, etc.


    We suggested to him to consider Investing in a new Generation Prati Saturn Omnia Machine , it is Industry 4.0 certified, it can be upgraded at any time with “Accessories” that enable you to serve the diverse needs of your final customers.


    The various accessories enable processing a wide range of substrates and different types of labels for different applications

    1. The Basic Saturn Omnia which processes the materials on Roll to Roll basis can process for you various labels like: Self Adhesive Labels, Clear on Clear, Wrap Around, Shrink Sleeves, Single layer paper.

    2. The inspection camera can be added later on

    3. The Die cutting unit can be added later too to start processing blank labels, offline die cutting with reregister for difficult shapes, etc.

    4. A second Die cutting Station can be added to do embossing as well as the next upgrade.

    5. The Stacking Unit can be added later to count and collect cut labels in stacks.

    6. Add accessories for Roll to Stack upgrading so you can process Inmould Labels, Wet Glue Labels, Paper Cups, Quematic tickets, Duplex board tags, Labels in sheets with re-register sheeter.

    Additionally, Prati machines have the latest Futura technology to be able to give you much higher productivity and you finish your product in one pass in all your added value jobs which saves you a lot of setup wastage and set up time which would occur if you use different machines for different processes. Save time as well as money.

    Compared to today’s standards, this unique open-platform technology enables an unlimited number of instant upgrades*. The goal of the technology is that of allowing converters to adapt immediately to a fast-moving market.

    With FUTURA, on-site upgrades are available. Downtime is kept to a minimum and a *24-hour stoppage is enough to upgrade what once required 6 days to accomplish. Such flexibility, which is the heart of our new open-platform concept, is like a life assurance policy.

    Your initial investment is always right because you’re acquiring one machine today which becomes 2, 3 or even 4-machines-in-1, tomorrow.


    1. This New Concept enabled him to start off with the basic machine and provide a variety of solutions to his customers.

    2. The Intuitive features on the machine helped all required functions that need to be engaged to be done by the press of a single, ‘Make Ready’ button. Hence, Simplicity of use and perfect results for all different types of jobs and no operator errors in machine operations.

    3. Finally, he easily upgraded his machine several times, by adding various kind of accessories for different applications and now is able serve his existing customers better and also add new customers. He is growing as he can meet his customers’ Quality demands comfortably with the 100% inspection, quality and productivity and a variety of product offerings delivered by his Prati Saturn Omnia machine.