Printing with “HD Plates” without frequent stops for plate cleaning



  • Printing with “HD Plates” without the need for frequent stops for plate cleaning due to “dirty printing”.


  • An increasing number of Flexo Printers are working on reaching roto gravure quality printing with high investments in HD Printing Technology
  • HD Printing being with very fine dots, which dip into anilox cells and pick excess ink when running with a standard anilox resulting in “dirty printing” or “dot bridging”.


  • Apex GTT rolls have very narrow channels which do not allow the smallest dots to dip into them.
  • Thus the print remains clean and open and consistent during the run and also during long runs.


  • Achieve consistent results from the very first print up to the last print even on long runs with GTT rolls.
  • No frequent stops for plate cleaning due to dirty printing.
  • Consistent quality in HD printing with no more “dirty printing” or “dot bridging”.