Electrostatic Discharging Systems

Reduce 97% residual static on Plastic Films for almost Zero ‘Fire hazard’ chances.


  • To reduce residual static produced on Plastic Films to 10-16% of the current static of 30-50V.


  • High Static Current was causing sparking in the film when on the unwinder at the customer premises creating a fire hazard for them and slowing down their production
  • Many customers use solvent based Inks which have vapors of solvent which can catch fire, creating a fire hazard issue.
  • High Quality and proven result giving “Static Discharging Systems” from Eltex resolve this
  • The main reason is that Eltex works so efficiently that the generators that we supply with the discharging bars are “Active Generators”
  • They are actively discharging the bars, they are not doing Passive Discharging Passive discharging is: when you only earth the excess current but you cannot get full discharging. Active discharging is that on the needle of the discharging bar you create ionized air cloud. And this cloud then gets attracted to the opposite current and discharges the film at a 96 to 97% level. .


  • Reduce drastically, the Static on your Plastic films with Active generators from Eltex to speed up your Production and make it safe with almost Zero fire hazard.


  • Better productivity by running higher speed without fear of sparking due to high static buildup Safety production resulting .
  • Safety production resulting to High Quality Printing.
  • Efficient production with low energy costs.
  • No more spoilage and machine downtime.