• "Production Shop Floor challenge" To Make Bonding for Difficult Substrates easier by checking the substrates’ surface tensions.


  • The Customer needed a new type of ‘attractive and innovative boxes’ and was facing issues with bonding of the difficult substrates.


  • We tested all the substrates like PE Boards, Metallized Boards and BOPP laminated Sheets by using Dyne Pens of assured, high quality which gave us a quick and reliable test result.
  • Dyne Levels gave us a decent indication of chances of adhesion (there were other factors to consider also like coating and material compatibility).


  • We got the first impression about chances of Adhesion using Assured Quality Dyne Pens.
  • Once we were sure of the Dyne Levels we checked as well for other factors for Adhesion and our customer made the Innovative Boxes perfectly